For this year, I have a 3-point agenda:

  • Demonstrate Value
  • Get Into the Job Market
  • Boost Productivity

Agenda Area Where I Am Where I Want to Be How I Want to Get There
Demonstrate Value Languages
  • Intermediate in Python:
    • can understand imperative and functional solutions
    • classes and dunder methods
    • can make reusable scripts.
  • Understands differences between programming paradigms
  • Can pick-up object-oriented languages.
  • Can implement a program in Object-Oriented and Functional Paradigms
  • Knowledgeable in Design Patterns
  • OOP — learn Kotlin;
  • Functional — learn Scala;
  • Learn and implement design patterns.
Frameworks and Tools
  • Can understand documentation for frameworks written in Python.
  • Has implemented Django, Jupyter Notebooks.
More Python frameworks and tools. Learn new frameworks (e.g. Airflow, tkinter)
  • Python venv
  • Working knowledge on Docker.
Configure Dockerfile and YAML files more in-depth. Containerize a project.
  • Has textbook knowledge of Relational Databases
  • Has implemented ORM tools (via Django and Postgresql)
  • Has implemented basic document database (Firestore Native)
  • Understand and evaluate approriateness of each tools for the right use case.
  • Upskill SQL knowledge (e.g. indexing).
Finish reading Designing Data-Intensive Applications by Martin Kleppman
Get Into the Job Market Coding Challenges Has answered easy HackerRank questions.
  • Can answer intermediate to hard questions
  • Retain common methods and solutions.
Answer more questions.
Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Understands Linked Lists, Stacks and Queues. Can implement from Python list.
  • Understands the concept behind binary trees.
Can implement breadth-first search and depth-first search algorithms. Conceive of a good project.
Technical Interview Experience No experience. Can well-handle a technical interview. Send out job applications.
Boost Productivity IDE VSCode mainly for text editing.
  • Leverage all IDE features.
  • Write custom macros.
Try Jetbrains products.

No data available for 2020.